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Our financial institution are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in different industries, with a special focus on infrastructure, manufacturing, agribusiness, services, and financial markets.

Our financial products enable companies to manage risk and broaden their access to foreign and domestic capital markets. Our advice helps unlock private sector investment, which is essential for expanding businesses, creating jobs, and growing economies.

We work with the private sector to encourage entrepreneurship and build sustainable businesses—advising them on a wide range of issues, including environmental, social and governance standards, energy and resource and resource efficiency and supply chains. We help expand access to critical finance for individuals and micro, small, and medium enterprises through our work with financial intermediary clients.

In fiscal year 2015, our long-term investments in developing countries totaled $17.7 billion, a 17 percent increase over the previous year. More than a third of that amount—over $7 billion—was mobilized from other investors.



We provides comprehensive solutions to clients in developing financial matters to address today’s greatest development challenges. We believes that embracing sustainability practices is key to long-term business growth and positive development outcomes. Our integrated approach to sustainability helps our client identify opportunities for growth and innovation while promoting sound environmental and social practices, broadening our development impact, and encouraging transparency and accountability. We also work to assure our financial sustainability, by understanding, measuring, and managing the risks we take. Being financially sustainable enables us to make a long-term contribution to development.



Meeting increased demand for food with available resources of land and water requires a focus on sustainable production and resource efficiency. IFC works to enhance sustainability across the agribusiness value chain. The Global Map for Agro-Commodity Production supports our investments by assessing the country/commodity risk level of our clients. Sound, inclusive, and sustainable financial markets are vital to development as they ensure efficient resource allocation. IFC encourages financial institutions to become more involved in strategic sectors such as women-owned businesses and climate change. We help build their capacity to assess and mitigate their own environmental and social risks.